Portrait Marie Thérese Williame 1851

Théodore-Bernard de Heuvel

Portrait Marie Thérese Williame 1851

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Portrait by Théodore-Bernard de Heuvel (1817 Eeclo – 1906) of Marie Thérese Williame from 1851, signed center left. Oil paint on panel. Work is in good condition. The bright colors are still very vivid. The painting is still in the original oval frame with bow. 

Théodore was a portrait and genre painter who specialized in depicting interior scenes, often with figures or children, as can be seen in his paintings ‘Collin-Maillard’ and ‘Village School‘, which are kept in the Montreal museum. Théodore was one of the most talented students of the painter Joseph Louis Geirnaert (1790-1859). Geirnaert frequently exhibited in the Salons of his time. 

Théodore settled in Paris in 1840 and spent some time in Brittany. There he had the opportunity to study the picturesque countryside and clothing of the local population. These are also found in several of his works. He exhibited in Boulogne-sur-Mer in 1845, with no. 203, ‘An interior with figures‘, which was acquired the same year by the Société des Amis des Arts. 

After settling in Ghent, he married Jeanette de Blauwe in 1850. Later he left that city to live in Brussels . 

1856 was an very historic year for Ghent. In this year, H.M. King Leopold I paid a visit in regard of the 25th anniversary of his government. Various festivities took place, including an exhibition of paintings. It was a three-yearly exhibition in the building of the Academy. Z.M. walked around the halls to reflect on the most important works with satisfaction. He complimented Théodore de Heuvel, among others, on his work. 

Some more relevant works from daily life; ‘A legal sale in the countryside‘, purchased by His Majesty the King of Belgium. ‘The Declaration of Love‘ , in the Cabinet of the Duke of Brabant. ‘The good and bad Nommer‘ , commissioned by the commission of the fine arts in Ghent,  lithographed, as well as because of a commission of Amiëns, ‘An interior with playing children‘. Also to be mentioned: ‘An Incident from the Battle of Brittany‘. ‘The first step‘, ‘The Player‘ ,  ‘Children playing‘ , ‘The Little Thieves‘ , ‘The Schoolteacher‘ . ‘An old young boy‘, was bought by a museum in Monst. ‘A legal sale in the countryside‘, purchased by His Majesty the King of Belgium. ‘The Declaration of Love‘ , in the Cabinet of the Duke of Brabant. Important portraits by de Heuvel are those of Baron Heyndrickx, and of the President of the People’s Representation, which were commissioned by the Belgian Government.



Oil on panel, from 1851, signed center left

73 cm x 54 cm incl. frame, 42 cm x 35 cm excl. frame